Transforming Business Analytics for Sales, Marketing and Field Force

5 Jul 2019By Standout

A global pharmaceuticals company needed to efficiently track sales performance and consumer behaviour in order to control and improve their marketing and sales strategies. Standout built a robust BI solution which processes internal sales data, external market data with competitor information and advertising campaigns so it can efficiently evaluate current trends, market share, revenues, and sales performance. Moreover, this solution can efficiently analyse how newly launched products are performing in the market so that client can take needed measures to boost their market share.

By having a better view across the entire industry, our customer enhanced their marketing + sales performance and implemented incentive based program for their sales reps which is based on results from our BI solution.

I really like the way the Standout team operates. They ask the right questions and always stay a couple of steps ahead. They have helped us build consensus internally and bring everyone together. Standout has certainly shaped how we’re moving forward, how we’re thinking about the future and how everything will be governed.

Marin, Dep. Head of Market Analysis


The client was looking to accelerate and improve their reporting process which was reliant on a high degree of manual work to extract, clean, and analyze data. Due to the amount of effort required, some reports were only being created quarterly or annually often making intelligence outdated. Also, the client was not in position to promplty deliver the trends in market share due to the fact that it needed to manually combine and clean competitor and internal sales data. Finally, the client needed a custom Power Apps aplication which would generate sales plan for following period for each sales rep based on their past territory performace (both in volume and market share).

A successful solution to their current process would need to reduce the amount of effort required to produce reports, decrease their reporting cycle, and improve access to the most up-to-date reports.

What was delivered

After multiple interview rounds with key stakeholders of different departments, we were able to execute on a vision and built a series of dashboards which addressed previous pain-points and answered key questions:

  • Market analysis
  • Sales analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Operational analysis
  • How we stand vs market?
  • Our market share?
  • Our sales vs target?
  • Our growth?
  • By territory, rep & brand
  • MS% on interactive map
  • MS% movement by months
  • Rep performance by territory

The data processing was completly automated and client never has a need to manually process the market data again, saving him an entire working day. Sales executive got insights how field force is performing in different territories in terms of market share, sales and units sold while that information was later used for sales rep incetives. Also, sales executives could now easily create sales plans and deliver them to each sales reps Power BI device in matter of minutes and would not need to spend days to do the calculation in excel for each sales rep.

Each sales rep could track their market share performance vs the territory, plan vs target on their smartphones, along with the information how their brands are performing in terms of competition.

And finally, top management got high level insights to their business by utilizing industry standard KPIs.

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